Alexa Certiciation TheOreBoys | Minecraft Server List

Owner cheesepufftyler
Status online
Players 0/0
Version 1.13.2
Rank 6
Votes 33
(all time)
Uptime 100%
Last Check Check Pending
Types SurvivalPvEEconomy

TheOreBoys server has a custom generated over world, and nether! It has the most beautiful terrain features you will ever see. But will not take away from the original experience. We let every player have their very one backpack to carry even more items you need! Server runs on 4GB and is always up!

My goal is to create a friendly small survival community with plugins to make it both challenging and rewarding.

Come give us a try!

[1] Never Grief.

[2] Be Respectful to all players.

[3] No hacked clients, other then Optifine which we encourage.

[4] No advertising or spamming.

[5] Do not join and ask for op or any form of perms. You will waste your time.

[6] If you need assistance with anything, talk with an Moderator or above, or /mail (adminname) them.

[7] If cheesepufftyler is trolling you, just let it happen ;) i may play nice. (just a joke)